There is an Opportunity!

The Ice Age Park will be centered around the famous Tule Springs paleontological site in the heart of the Upper Las Vegas Wash. This site is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Park will provide a home for an organization with four basic goals: Research, Curation and Care of Fossil Specimens, Public Access and Interpretation, and Preservation of Sites. There is now an opportunity to work with the National Parks Service, Nevada Division of State Parks, Bureau of Land Management, UNLV, Nevada Site Stewardship Program, Office of NV State Paleontology and other State and Federal agencies, to realize our vision in the next decade.

We Need Your Help:

The Ice Age Park Foundation is a 501©(3) foundation created in 2008 to assist in the development of the Ice Age Park. We are now accepting tax deductible contributions to achieve our goal of $200,000 to commission a full feasibility study for the Ice Age Park.


Ice Age Park Foundation becomes an IRS 501©(3) nonprofit organization.
Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument, signed into law December 19th 2014.
Nevada creates An Office of State Paleontologist. 7/2009 Assembly Bill AB-305
To protect and include Paleontologist sites within the NRS Statues. 7/2009 Assembly Bill AB-289
To designate April of each year as Paleontological month. 7/2009 Assembly Bill AB-306
The Nevada State Legislature to designate the 315 acres of State lands within the CTA as a protected State Preserve.
6/2007 Assembly Bill 467